Impact Attenuation Test for Playground Surfacing

~  More than 75% of all playground accidents are from falls  ~

Our safety rubber-flooring solutions are designed to prevent any severe injuries that might arise from falls.

This allows children and other playground users to enjoy their activities with an added level of protection to prevent serious injuries.


Field Test for Playground Surfacing

We provide on-site playground field tests to examine the play area’s impact attenuation ability surfacing against the fall height that meets the relevant playground safety standard requirements. We ensure that the standard specification for impact attenuation of surfaces under and around playground equipment is met. This standard significantly reduces the likelihood of life-threatening injuries such as head injuries, which are the most common types of playground injuries. The testing method used determines the shock absorbency by using a testing method that simulates the impact of a child’s head with the surface. An instrument that simulates a child’s head is dropped from various heights and the results determine the Critical Fall Height of the surface material.
Triax 2015- the latest evolution of Impact Attenuation Tester for surfacing.

At Greenhill, we use Triax 2015, which has the latest wireless technology with an electromagnetic hold and release. The device is fully compliant with American (ASTM F1292), European (EN1177), Malaysian (MS2665-2:2017), Singaporean (SS495), and many other (CSA, AUS) standards for measurement of shock (G) and head injury criteria (HIC) value. Test results cannot be altered & testing is done by our International Certified Triax 2015 Qualified Tester & Operator.

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