Recycled Rubber I Paver

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Recycled Rubber I Paver Equestrian Surfacing Recycled Rubber I Paver Equestrian Surfacing


Greenhill’s Rubber I Paver are made of recycled SBR with pigmented colour. It is typically used for both heavy-duty and recreational areas that require high safety & durability. It is cost-effective, fast and easy to install over existing sand, asphalt, concrete pavements or any hard substrate. The common applications are walkways, horse stables, turf club, animal training ground.


Product Type : Recycled Rubber I Paver
Dimension : 200mm x 160mm
Thickness : 25mm
Unit : 36pcs/m2
Shape : I
Materials : Recycled SBR with pigmented color
Pigmented Colors : Black, Green, Red

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